Professional Impact

Communicating your Brilliance 

Professional impact - Woman holding a diamond up for inspectionI can help you manage your professional impact, improve your speaking skills and define your personal brand to communicate your brilliance when it really matters.

I work with dynamic people who want to push the boundaries of their comfort zone and step up in some way.  

I work particularly with people at stress points such as at interview, pitching or presenting, when it is crucial that their message is understood.

Communicating your Brilliance means ensuring that other people recognise your unique collection of strengths, talents and experiences so that you stand out from the crowd. It also means that you fully acknowledge what these are. 

People who are good speakers are assumed to be leaders. Whether you choose to attend my workshops or my one to one coaching, I can help you speak more confidently. 

Managing your Professional Impact

Here are some of the challenges I can help you with:

Success at Interview

Helping you manage your professional impact, boost your confidence and do yourself justice. I offer 1:1 coaching in London or via Skype together with group training called Communicating your Brilliance at Interview.

Public Speaking or Presenting

Helping you overcome your fear and give you tried and tested techniques to become a more confident and effective speaker. I run small exclusive group trainings in London and Guildford and offer 1:1 coaching in London or via Skype.


If you are in need of a confidence boost or would like some clarity or need help clearing a block, book a 1:1 coaching session with me to help you get back on track.

Personal Branding

Communication is not only what we say, it is also about how we present ourselves visually. Ensuring your visual message is aligned with your overall message helps you be properly understood, trusted and credible.